Fee Schedule

Fee TypeFee
Stop Payment Orders$25.00
Returned Checks$25.00
Copy of Original Check$5.00
Overdraft Protection Transfer$5.00
Insufficient Funds$25.00
Insufficient Loan Transfer$25.00
Dishonored Check Fee$5.71
Wire Transfer$10.00
Debit Card Replacement$20.00
Non Sum Network ATMvaries
Interim Statement$5.00
Copies of Documents (per page).10 cents
Check Printingvaries
Bank Check-Per Check (Allowed 1 per month without cost)$1.00
Dormant Account (Greater than 12 months)$5.00 mo.
Abandoned Property Processing$25.00
Tax Levy/Release/Garnishment$25.00
Negative Balance$5.00 daily

The above fees may be assessed against your account